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Slow Carb Diet Results – Summary


On this page, you’ll find a summary of my weekly slow carb diet result reports.  On each report, I share just about everything I can – weight, body fat %, and other measurements, showing you exactly how they change each week.  More importantly, I write about what seems to be working or perhaps what isn’t working.

Dieting is one of those things that seems easy when you talk about it, but as anyone who has tried a diet knows, it’s a lot more difficult to execute.  One or two weeks on a diet may come easy, but being able to stick to the diet and make it a lifestyle change takes a lot of determination and a change in mindset.

Why do I share these reports?  I’ll be honest, it’s a mostly selfish reason: To hold myself accountable for the results I want to achieve.

Hopefully these reports will also inspire you to keep your diet going, even if you’re not specifically doing the slow carb diet.

Links to the Reports

Total Weight Lost to Date: 16.20 lbs.

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