Seven of the Best Low Carb Meal Delivery Services

Health is wealth. However, most people their health for granted. If you’re one of them, it’s time to make some changes. Introducing low-carb meals. This diet limits your intake of carbs from grains, starchy vegetables, and refined sugars and is perfect for losing weight, keeping diabetes under control, and carving out that gorgeous figure you’ve always dreamed about.

The problem with most diets is that they might be too complicated or time-consuming to prepare. Meal delivery kits and services can make it faster and easier to stick with a low-carb diet.

That said, here are the seven best low-carb meal delivery services worth checking out!

1. Home Chef

Price starts at: $ 9.95 / serving

When it comes to bang for the buck, Home Chef is one of the best. It’s a subscription-based delivery service with over a hundred flavorful recipes to choose from. The menus rotate weekly, and you can order meals for 2, 4, or 6 people, depending on your needs. Most of the dishes they offer consist mainly of healthy veggies and high protein meat. Some of the service’s most popular recipes include Teriyaki-glazed salmon, Parmesan crusted chicken, and Mojito pork chops, all of which are included in the Carb-Conscious plan. These meals contain at least 35 g or less of carbs!

2. Factor

Price starts at: $ 11.00 / serving

Factor is your go-to service if you’re planning to start a keto diet plan. It provides delicious, fully prepared meals that you only have to heat up, so you don’t have to worry about cooking. The company also serves low-carb dishes with 10 – 25 net grams of carbs. Their all-time favorites include steak with loaded cauliflower, Carnitas style pork, and garlic Parmesan chicken breast. Menus are updated weekly, but you can still customize your plan if you want to leave something out. For those that don’t want to do any cooking, there’s even an option to order 18 meals a week.

3. Trifecta

Price starts at: $ 13.00 / serving

Don’t be intimidated by the price tag. Trifecta is a highly-regarded meal service known for its delicious dishes cooked from locally sourced organic products. Besides growing veggies and raising their own cattle, the company even has an in-house chef to make sure you receive only the best fully prepared meals. Customers particularly commend the freshness of the salmon dishes, tenderness of the meat, and the overall taste that doesn’t suggest anything frozen. And if you’re on a weight loss journey, don’t forget to check out their 14-day calculated macro keto diet guide.

4. Green Chef

Price starts at: $ 6.99 / serving

Fully prepared meals might not be practical if you’re on a tight budget. That’s why consider taking a look at Green Chef’s amazing meal kit delivery service. Yes, you’ll have to prepare, but the recipes are easy to follow, even for kitchen amateurs (delicious too!). The dishes in their Keto + Paleo plan range from simple ground pork egg bowls to mouth-watering roasted chicken to a delicious beef & veggie skillet. Furthermore, the company offers free delivery to most parts of the U.S, and you can choose from 3 – 4 recipes with 4 – 6 servings per week.

5. Sunbasket

Price starts at: $ 10.99 / serving

Whether you prefer cooking your meals or heating them up, Sunbasket has you covered. Thanks to their local sources, you can trust that the products sent to you are fresh, organic, and full of nutrients—no need to do math since all the dishes contain only 35 g net carbs or fewer. The meal kits can be prepared in 10 – 35 minutes and come with pre-measured ingredients. Ready-to-cook meals arrive in a heat-safe tray and only needs to sit for 5 minutes in the oven. Before you proceed, note that there’s a flat $7.99 delivery fee for any plan you order.

6. Freshly

Price starts at: $ 8.99 / serving

Freshly is a meal delivery service that offers ready-to-heat packages that are fresh and flavorful. The company prides itself on serving sustainably sourced meat, wild-caught seafood, and organic dairy. Instead of taking 30-minutes to prepare a kit, you’ll only need 3 minutes to reheat Freshly’s prepared meals. On top of that, you can subscribe to a customizable weekly plan or choose your meals a la carte. Their top dishes included chicken scramble with zucchini and chicken thigh with almond chipotle sauce and some tasty snacks to spice it up. Menus rotate weekly, delivered in properly insulated boxes, and shipped wherever you are in the country.

7. Daily Harvest

Price starts at: $ 5.99 / serving

If there’s one low-carb service that deserves to be on this list, it would be no other than Daily Harvest. A plant-based service, the company has recently introduced keto-friendly bowls. Healthy breakfast options include Leek + Fonio Grits and Sweet Potato + Wild Rice Hash. Lastly, you can choose a weekly subscription with 9, 14, or 24 items per box or a monthly subscription with 24 items per box. It’s not the most inclusive menu out there, but it’s definitely justifiable for its price.